Tip 1: How to apply foundation

To hide the imperfections of the skin, women use the tone cream .Often the tone and texture of the cream and is not suitable to your skin type and the desired effect is difficult to achieve.The main thing to apply tonal cream , then it will hold well during the day, and the complexion is smooth and beautiful.
First of all, you should choose a cream tone , based on your skin type.If you have dry skin, you'll like tone cream , that contains moisturizing ingredients.If the skin you have oily, you should use the tone cream , which contains almost no oil.Typically, such cream and lie sufficiently thick layer on the skin.
best to have in its arsenal, two tone cream as one of your skin color, the other - on the darker tone.Last put on the nose and cheeks, then apply a top cream your skin tone.It should be evenly cream on the skin surface that look natural.Also cream has astringent action, which will make you look younger.
Apply cream you can by hand, sponge
or brush.The cream is as carefully as possible to shade the face to get a thin layer.Apply cream , moving from chin to forehead.The basis must be applied in a way that was not visible border between the skin and tone cream th.Remember that summer tone cream better not to use, because in hot weather it can be smeared.

Tip 2: How to apply concealer summer

Tone Cream - a cosmetic product which serves as a basis for make-up.It hides minor skin imperfections, protects the skin from the changeable weather, wind, sun, rain, temperature changes.
How to apply concealer summer

foundation for the summer

When choosing a foundation is the main criterion for your skin type.You also need to pay attention to the cream: whether you have allergy to its components.Do not forget that old makeup includes pastels, bronze and orange shades.A good choice for you in the summer would be powder-bronzer.You will always have the perfect tan, even if for some reason you can not stay in the sun.

Vegetable oils that make up the foundation, are quickly absorbed and does not form a film on the face, and contribute to the narrowing of the pores.These types of creams is easily perceived by the skin.If you have oily skin, with such a choice must be careful.Concealer should be visible, especially in summer.Otherwise, your face will look sloppy.

If you have dry skin, this time of year you need to give preference to water-based creams, having a fine texture and contain sunscreens.This foundation allows the skin to breathe.

In summer, the skin becomes oily, and to make-up was perfect, we must understand that one creams problems can not be solved.We need a face cream that regulates the sebaceous secretions.

Stealth applying foundation

to cleansed face, apply a cream base.Tone Cream is desirable to apply, after waiting at least twenty minutes.To understand how your skin will look like on the street, Tonalka better to put in daylight or close to him.Depending on the light shade looks different.

shaded tone, and any other cream from the center to the periphery, in any case, without stretching the skin.If you use a liquid foundation, apply it better fingertips, as if hammering gently into the skin.

When applying make-up you use the sponge, sponge, dampen it slightly better water and then put the cream.Use a brush?Such a tool is better to buy from an artificial material.

Whatever you imposed yourself makeup, important not to overdo it with the amount.Instead of a well-groomed person can get the effect of the mask.It is necessary to remember about hand hygiene and, of course, do not forget the clean brush or sponge.All this is easy to clean with warm soapy water.

If it happened that you purchase a shade slightly darker than the one that you need, just mix it with your day cream.Be sure to watch that after drawing tone means the difference between the color of the neck and face a minimum.Ideally, it should not exist.

When buying a foundation, if in doubt, consult an expert.And, of course, do not expect that the foundation will hide all.If you have serious problems with the skin, it is best to consult a dermatologist or beautician.
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Applying foundation - this is the first stage of any makeup.In order to make this process quick and faithful need to know how to apply foundation.Art of the correct application of foundation can master every woman.Before you apply foundation on your face, you need to prepare your skin.Only on the prepared skin cream falls easily and smoothly.Thus, the rules applying foundation: step 1.
Helpful Hint
How to apply tone.Creams must "lay down" on the skin, so they applied for a quarter of an hour before going outside.First, apply a nourishing day cream (can be replaced by mineral water), which is applied - using the sponge -tonalnaya basis, match the color of your skin.Please note: when it comes to evening make-up, it would be wiser to emphasize the chin and cheekbones darker tone, and later on these places put blush.
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