Print terms of purchases in "Metro" to the store website: .Assure them the signature and seal of the enterprise alive, you are a worker.
collect a package of necessary dokumentov.On will depend on which group you treat customers.There are 5 groups: individual entrepreneurs, legal entities, representative offices of foreign companies, representative offices of R
ussian companies, embassies.The list of documents is available on the website of "METRO» , chosen by the group.For example, a list of documents for individual entrepreneurs will be the following:
• Number of conditions;
• A copy of the Federal Tax Service of natural persons on the tax account and INN;
• copy of certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (SP);
• copy of the passport, SP;
• Original proxy to set the sample of persons eligible transactions on behalf of the SP, SP signed.
Take collected documents (including purchases and conditions, signed and stamped) in any of the shopping centers METRO Cash & amp;Carry.Registration cards of "Metro" is quick, and within minutes you can go to the store and make purchases.
Repeat these operations if you want to issue the customer's card "meter" to other members of your company.A total of one company can be issued a maximum of 5 cards, "Metro Cash & Carry."But it can be done only in the shopping center, which has been issued the first card.Do not Make card through other people.Client card issued free of charge, directly to the "METRO".Using someone else's card or a card issued in another way, it can lead to its withdrawal.