best to use the white envelope with no images, and lined with fields.Ask envelope for international mail at your post office.
On the front of the envelope in the middle in large letters write "UK", and then the recipient's address in English.In England, as in the rest of Europe, the procedure for recording a return to the Russian - that is, you first need to specify the name of the recipient of the letter.Then write the number of the apartment, housing, house, street name, city and country, and in the end - index.If sent a letter to the organization, and you do not know the contact person, instead of a name write the official name of the company.
On the reverse side of the letter or on the front side in the corner write your address.If you specify the address in the corner, click the u
pper left or lower right, as in the upper right corner of the worker-mail address will paste brand.Filling the sender is exactly the opposite.Write at the top of Russia, and then your name and address in the format of Russian in Russian or Latin letters.Decided to write a return address in the format: country, region or province, city or town, street, house, building, apartment.And only after specifying the addresses you need to register first and last name.
Pass envelope with an attachment to the post office and ask them to stick to mark the envelope to send letters to England .Sending letters to pay - except for payment of the envelope and stamps, you will need to pay for the weight of the letter.