Lipstick on average, can be stored and a half years.The maximum time that a cosmetic is able to maintain their properties and do not deteriorate, is about three years.But you need to keep the lipstick on the shelf of the refrigerator, and do not open.

Signs of life lipstick

not always the shelf life of lipstick known brands these figures, often check the suitability of the use of cosmetics can be special code.Almost every company to indicate shelf life of lipsticks and glosses uses digital encryption, Roman numerals or letters marking.This code can be entered on the website of the manufacturer of lipstick, the system will automatically give all the information about the purchased product.Including the storage time and date of production of cosmetics.

complexity of determining the shelf life of lipstick - a reason to turn to the consultant shop to find all the information about the bright tube.You have to help, because sometimes on the packaging code is erased or bad read. Make-up artists are advised not to use the same lipstick makeup to create more than four months if the constant use.
Remember that overdue cosmetics can cause skin rashes, allergic reactions.And although they say that beauty requires sacrifice, to use lipstick after the expiry of its validity is not exactly necessary.

What kept lipstick?

When buying makeup, always pay attention to the shelf life.However, you need to correctly use a lipstick that lasts as long as possible.It is recommended to apply a brush tool.Well tighten the cap and do not leave lipstick near the heaters, the rays of the sun.If the gloss or lipstick lay in the hot sun for a while, you can use this product on the strength of three months. Discard lipstick and do not risk the health costs if cosmetic dried up, has become strange odor, color change.

a part of any lipstick there are fats and oils, so spoiled cosmetics will emit an unpleasant odor.It will be a signal about the quality of the selected products.Too much talk about the flavor of the cheapness of lipstick or forgery.About low-quality product speaks and texture agents.If it is soft, homogeneous and has no stains, no pencil on the ink stains moisture lipstick is not bad and, more likely, is the original product you liked the brand.