Find out whether your question or appeal those functions that perform the consul.It should address the letter, the contents of which is related to visas by foreign citizens.And before writing of executives you must first apply in a general way and only in case of unmotivated your view of failure to contact the consul.Consul of their state should be written in the event that you encounter any problems outside of Russia, while at the level of ordinary employees of the Embassy your question can not be resolved.
Compose a letter to the consul.You can write in both paper and electronic form.Start it with the registration name of the institution, ie the consulate to which you are writing, as well as the name and position o
f the person to whom you are addressing.Then write the main text.Try to make it less emotional, based on the facts, and if allow legal knowledge, and the specific legal provisions which, in your opinion, have not been met in your situation.Complete the letter of the goal that you want to achieve - the revision of the decision to issue a visa, expedited processing of any documents.The letter to confirm your point of view, attach additional documents.For example, if you are refused a visa, you can add to the body of necessary documents proving your intentions and ability to pay.
Send a letter to the consul.When using the services of Russian Post send a registered letter with return receipt requested - so you can be sure that it came to the consul, or at least to his secretary.