you need
  • - account number;
  • - counter;
  • - money to pay for electricity.
Remove readings from your meter.Enough information for today, last month, you can not save - data for the last payment stored in the database "Petroelektrosbyta."
visit one of the centers receiving payments created "Petroelektrosbyta."To find the address of the institution that is closest to your home, go to "Elektrosbyta" from the home page, go to "centers of reception of payments."In this section you can find the center of two ways - either on the map or in a list, divided by districts.

When you come in, "Petroelectrosbyt ', take place in one of the windows, accepting
payments.When it is your turn, you name your address, name and patronymic of the payer is responsible, as well as the counter.After payment, do not forget to get a receipt.Keep it as proof of payment.
If the department "Petroelektrosbyta" are far away from you, you can pay for electricity through a bank.Only then will you need a personal account number which can be found on one of the receipts to pay for the previous months.
Also, if you know your average consumption of electricity per month, you can open a bank account, arrange regular monthly transfer a certain amount.In this case, you will not need to go to the bank every month.But under such a system of payments is better to overpay a little bit to see if a certain month of the counter you will be higher than normal, you do not have to pay the penalty for lack of payment for electricity.
If your bank offers online banking, you can pay for services "Petroelektrosbyta" remotely.To do this, go to your personal account on sàyte bank and make a transfer to your personal account on electricity.If you have any problems, call the customer support service of your bank.