When choosing a brush, give preference to synthetic drugs.Natural brushes can absorb up to 80% tone cream and .Qualitatively designed brush shape allows to take the optimal number and cream and using resemble elasticity fingertips.
Immediately before applying a tonal framework, clean the skin, and then apply it daily cream .He must have a good soak and dry.
When using a flat brush put four points on the face tone cream well: in the middle of the forehead, chin and cheeks.You can squeeze a small amount of cream in hand and dipping the brush into it, spread the cream tone the face from the center to the edges.
Try to shade all the lines.The problem areas cream can be placed pat hand.Pay special attention to the wings of the nose, eyebrows, mouth corners.It is important to create an invis
ible transition to the neck and base of the hair, which is often the cause of poor-quality makeup.
When using a round brush with a flat surface, apply a small amount of cream and on hand.Blot means brush and apply his pat on the entire surface of the face.Once completed the same brush walk on the skin in a circular motion.
Brush is very convenient to apply tonal cream the area around the eyes.With her funds are distributed more finely on the eyelids.Grab a brush small portion and cream and rub strokes from the center of the face to the temples.Pat the skin under your eyes with a napkin to foundation have not scored in wrinkles.
After applying the cream tone and wait for a while, and then carefully inspect your face.Makeup is better to do in a well-lit room.At the end of the procedure if necessary, use a compact or loose powder and suitable corrective means.