all documents necessary for the renunciation of citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan, shall be submitted in UVViG this country in 3 copies according to the list.
Write an application for renunciation of citizenship to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.The application shall enclose the following documents: the questionnaire;curriculum vitae, drawn up in the form (if you go with the family, should be submitted in the application and all necessary information on them);a certified copy of all pages of the Uzbek passport;3 photo 4 × 5 cm;certified copies of birth certificates and marriage (if you travel with children, consider their birth certificates);written consent of children from 14 to 18 years of renunciation of citizenship, notarized;the consent of the other parent, expressing his attitude to th
e departure of the child to relocate to another country (if leaving with the child is only one of the parents);written confirmation of those on your dependent, the absence of material claims to you (if there is such a person);certified copies of the passports of your close relatives who are residents of other countries (if any).At the request of UVViG
Uzbekistan you will have to provide and other documents proving your lack of material and other obligations to the citizens and organizations of the country.In addition, you may need a certificate of divorce and the death of your close relatives and adoption papers, or deprivation of parental rights.
All information contained in the documents should be clear and complete.Corrections are not allowed.
Each of the three required documents to be sutured into a separate folder in accordance with the above list.Imagine documents appearing in UVViG person, or send them by registered mail.During the year, your request will be decided.