you need
  • - reticulation of shadows;
  • - base for the shadow;
  • - brushes;
  • - colored mascara.
Apply a base for the shadows forever.Spread on soft pat and wait until completely dry for 1-2 minutes.Since the gray shadow is usually contrasted with natural skin tone, you will need to achieve a flawless application and durability.This will help you, and a good base.
Select universal mosaic of gray shades, with which you can create multiple make-up for different occasions.Try to find a set that combines matte and pearly shades, as well as present a dark gray tone to select the path.
Create eye makeup office option using a gray palette.Enter the darkest shade on a rigid thin brush with beveled bristles.
Use this color as a liner, having a clear line along the contour of the eye.If it is turned too greasy, a little smudge it.The circuit, made using the gray shadows will look quite appropriate in day Meike unlike the line in pencil or liquid eyeliner.Apply on the outer part of the upper eyelid neutral matt gray, and at its center - the lightest shade to flicker.
For evening release of the perfect embodiment of smoky eyes: while the gray shadows in this Meike may look too gothic, gray palette allows to achieve a more sophisticated effect.Take three shades of gray shadows, preferably opaque.Circle the darkest of them eye contour and blend thoroughly.Then apply a medium shade of saturation for all mobile eyelid.Closer to the eyebrows walk light-gray tint, making color transitions smoother.