choose cosmetics for drooping eyelids

eyelid ptosis requires cosmetics counter that quickly locks and will not smear.From the usual soft pencil should be abandoned.Buy gel or cream eyeliner and a flat synthetic brush with a beveled edge.You will need a powdery base color shade, as well as the fixing base for cosmetics.

choosing a color eyeliner, guided by the shade of the eyes.Brown eyes fit green or purple tones, the blue iris accentuate chocolate eyeliner and gray are very beautiful in a frame of black arrows.Preferably the means to an easy moist sheen.Matt eyeliner does look dull and makeup - too pale.

eyeliner and adjust lids

usual technique for drawing arrows descended age does not fit - the fine lines disappear under the o
verhanging skin.Your task - to make a moderately wide and not too long arrows that visually elongated eyes and pripodnimut outer corners.

Apply forever fixing base and drive in her fingertips.Very good acting and a day cream with lifting effect.He gently lifts and tightens the skin, cosmetics goes smoother and lasts longer.Apply a thin layer of base color shades: beige, cream, pink or silver-gray.Apply the shadow of all the mobile eyelid, shading them towards the eyebrows.

Begin to draw arrows.Dip the brush in the liner and drive it from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the upper eyelid.Gently lift the corner of the arrow to the temple and stay as close to the lash line.Then mark the crease spending on it a line from the tip of the arrow to the outer corner of the eye.Dial the liner and fill the resulting area.The arrow has turned softer, lightly smudge the line with a thin latex applicator or a flat brush.

evaluate the effect in the mirror.Arrow can be lengthened or make it wider.If the lines get too pale, apply another layer of eyeliner.Make sure that the arrows on both eyes turned symmetrical.

If you wish to extend the arrow to the inner corner of the eye.In this part of the century, the line should be very thin.Its mission - to create the appearance of a thick eyelashes and make-up completed.Lower eyelid painting is not necessary, it is visually reduce the eye.

nakraste curls lashes mascara.To the eyes appear larger, apply an additional portion of the carcass at the outer corners.If the lashes are too straight, curl them with tongs.This technique will help to visually enlarge the eyes open, and by removing the effect of the impending century.