sure to mask out all the spots and imperfections, if any, on your nose.They are extremely attract attention to his nose, and he looked even more massive than it actually is.Moisturizes and nourishes the skin to prevent flaking, fight blackheads and pimples.
Apply foundation all over the face - and then move on to some tricks.So that your nose seemed somewhat narrower, you should use a darker shade of foundation or basis on both sides of the nose.If you think your nose, on the contrary, too long, you can put a drop of a little more than the basics in the dark space between the nostrils and tip of the nose itself.On the axis of the rest of the space can be applied to just a lighter s
hade.And your nose will look much slimmer.
In fact, the owners of long noses to some extent lucky - they have every right to use bright eye makeup.Eyeliner, bulk ink, soft dark shadows Smoky Aes - all this may well distract attention from a massive nose and concentrate it on the beautiful and haunting eyes.
Surprisingly, find the right shade of blush - no less important task.It is necessary to form the face looked perfectly - so delicate pink shades for fair skin, and warm berry - for a little more than dark.Women with oval, rectangular and heart-shaped face should apply blush to the space just below the cheekbones, and full-faced - to the space from the corners of the mouth to the jaw.
Do not overdo it with plucking eyebrows - the brighter, more natural and wider your eyebrows, the more they distract attention from the nose.Do not be afraid to use soft pencils natural shades.