you need
  • - statement Ataman;
  • - request of two members of the Cossack community;
  • - copies of documents;
  • - two 3x4 photos.
Write a statement addressed to the chieftain of the Cossack society in which you want to start.It is made either in the free form, either in the community established pattern.In a statement, asking the community to take you Ataman Cossacks, clearly arguing his request.Enter the true causes which impel you to this act.Mention of their civil and political views.Russian citizenship and the achievement of eighteen years of age - a prerequisite for taking you into the ranks of the Cossacks.Th
erefore, in a statement accent attention to this point.
Obtain and attach to your application a request two Cossacks of the community in which you are going to start (they are made in writing).Best of all, if it will be people who know you and are able to objective characteristics of your personality.We would also need copies of documents that confirm the details provided by you in the application (copy of the passport of the Russian Federation, etc.).Will be needed, and two photos 3x4 cm format.Under the rules of the majority of the Cossack communities, for each member of their private affair.It will be kept and all the documents.
The admission Cossack ranks you in the general meeting of members of the group.As a rule, this decision takes about a month.If the meeting approves your candidacy, you will be assigned a trial period, after which in the absence of any complaints in your side you will receive a certificate Cossack.Handing it should military chieftain in a festive atmosphere.During the trial period, you will need to study the constitution and traditions of the society, by its end - to get the appropriate form of the established sample and start life with a new status.Remember Cossack statute and do not break it when it becomes a full member of the community.