you need
  • - information about the country;
  • - the necessary documents;
  • - passport
To paraphrase a famous saying, the world possesses the one who owns the information.So start preparing for the move is necessary to select the country of interest and gather information about it.Learn the official information, travel tips, travel experiences and the Russian-speaking population.In any of them, as a rule, there is at least one forum where residents socialize there compatriots.There is also a themed community in different social setyah.Chto care of people living there, what they like in their new homeland, and that - no, and why, what problems they often face?All of this will be for you
and the food for thought, and a source of information about the realities to be faced.
The fact that tourism and emigration - very different things, has long been known.However, the better the opportunity to visit the country selected : to see different regions and cities, to communicate, so far as the command of the language with the locals.Proper monitoring of the tourist would not be complete, but much better to see once than hear a hundred times, and read it.
If you wish to move is not volatilized and gets stronger, give an answer to the main question: what are you going to live there, how can choose a way to make that afford the money in the prices of a potential new home,what are the prospects of improving the starting situation and see what is required for their dostizheniya.Ponimanie all this will help you to choose the best and the base for a long stay in the country.
When the answers to such important questions you have, it's time to explore options for moving.For beautiful eyes no one nobody wants, even in your own home, and in a foreign country - and podavno.Uznayte whether there is in the selected country immigration programs, and if so, what are the requirements to the participants and how they meet there are still grounds vy.Kakieto move in a particular country (opening his business there or a representative of a foreign firm, secured the status of the pensioner, the presence of outstanding achievements in a particular field, etc.)?As far as applicable to you, what rights and obligations provide impose what are ways to confirm your membership of a particular category.
determine on what grounds it is better to enter you can begin to collect the documents.
Also confirm the grounds for an extended stay, you will also need to take care of that consular officials and immigration authorities saw in you a man who is where and what to live for the first time after the move, has no serious health problems and take care of their decisionin the case of vozniknoveniya.Trebovaniya documents confirming each of these circumstances, in different countries different, so check with the consulate or directly to the Immigration Office, as being specifically in your case.
Learn also the procedure for admission of documents from those who are going in the interest of the country a long time, and the timing of applications.In some cases, you must enroll in the consulate for a few weeks or even months.Not one week and will take a decision on your kandidature.Eto allow better plan and the process of preparation and expectation of the decision.Well, if it will be positive, you can go to the box office for tickets and a new country for a new life.