The first thing you can do - is to fill in a form on the website of the program "Wait for me."At the moment this is the only transmission is not only in our country but also in the world, absolutely free, existing only by volunteers and benefactors, searches for lost people.By the way, you can check out on the same site, is not looking for anyone yourself - perhaps the same man is also eager to meet you.Write down all the information that you have about this person.Who do you have to it, where you get to know how people looked, and, of course, the city of residence.If you have a picture of w
ho you are looking for - be sure to attach it to the application.Perhaps you can help.
continues to actively use the Internet.Create a theme in urban forums, ask local people to help you.If you have a picture person, then attach it - it is quite possible that the person someone finds out.Even in the cities, almost all residents are familiar, if not personally, then through one or two friends, so it is likely that your pictures human identified.
If the photos do not have, you still do not despair.Contact your social networks.In one case, when a young man by creating a network "VKontakte" group was able to find a girl who once accidentally saw a glimpse at the airport.You can use a similar experience.
Social networks can be used in another way.Ask to find you all known parameters - the city, approximate age, sex.Of course, if the city is large, then you have to see a huge number of applications, but it is likely that you will stumble on it the right.
an ad in the local newspaper.Perhaps it is not as fast and efficient way, but in fact it is quite possible that this paper will fall into the hands of the person you are looking for.
LAYOUT ads on city streets.Perhaps most go to the city is too expensive or impossible for any other reasons.You can, in this case to call any advertising agency of the city and order ads containing all known information about the person you.Of course, it's all for a fee, but it will not do in order to find the right person .