Use the information on the Arabic alphabet, consisting of 28 letters.All letters - consonants.Depending on their position in a word, each letter of the alphabet has two or more forms of writing.Therefore, the following ways of replacement of letters of the Russian alphabet for writing the name in Arabic has some imperfections.However, it can be used, given that even the Arabs write some borrowed words from other languages ​​in different way
Set your computer to work with Arabic script, if you want to write your name in Arabic on an electronic medium.To do this through the "Start" button, go to "Control Panel", select "Regional and Language Options", click on the tab "Languages" and tick "Install language support right-to-left."Next, at the request of the computer, insert the installation disc (for example, Windows XP).After the automatic installation of the support of the Arabic language in the language bar icon, select "Options", "Add" (add any of the proposed Arab language - the font is the same in all).Now, to print in Arabic, you can sign on the keyboard Arabic letters brute.
install on your computer or Arabian breeds are stylized fonts.If there is a need for an aesthetic effect (for example, need to stencil pattern conceived with someone else's name), these fonts will be a godsend for you."A list of additional fonts" may include several tens of different options.Buy a set along with instructions for installing the fonts on your computer, you can through the Internet.If between the name of the person and his destiny really exists a certain relationship, let your name written in Arabic, will be your mascot.