statement in administration - official business document.Therefore it is better not to use it for writing sheets torn from a notebook and write it by hand, officials do not have to disassemble your handwriting.Check beforehand GOST 6.30-2003, which sets out the rules governing the registration of business documents.Write statement on a standard sheet of typing paper A4.If you write statement on behalf of the organization, using its form.
in the top right corner of the email recipient.You can simply specify "in the administration" and put down the name of the municipality, but if you know a particular recipient, write hi
s position, surname and initials.The address part do not forget to send the application.Write your last name, first name and patronymic, passport data and address registration.Please note that in accordance with applicable law anonymous complaints of citizens without these data are not considered.
Write middle row title of the document, in this case "statement."Follow with him, starting the main text with the words "In accordance with".In that case, when your request is related to the fact that is the responsibility and prerogative of the local authorities, it is advisable to refer to those federal and local regulations, which are proof of the legality of the stated your request.
Use the official business language, no offensive or vulgar expressions can not be tolerated.Properly, clearly and logically make up the text of the statement.Specify the text of facts, dates, names.
Finally, specify the request on the implementation of their rights or the protection of interests.In the event that the documents attached to the application, make an inventory after the word "Applications".Put the date of its signature and decryption.
statement in administration send by registered mail or delivered in person and give it to the secretariat.In the second instance you should check the date of receipt of the application.The term of consideration of this kind of documents under the law shall not exceed 30 calendar days from the date of the registration statement.