If you mess with the neighbors in the stairwell: to call a policeman, you need to know to some reference point to treat your home.

You can find out like this: you call the Ministry of Interior of the city (there is in any directory on the first page, immediately takes off, if you look on the Internet), there have switched to ATC and already on duty you figure out the address and telephone number of its reference point the police.If we are really lazy - dial "02", call your street, house number and so you too can learn the phone number and address of the reference point.
Now do not rush.Strong point of police work from 9 to 21 hours.Employees work in two shifts.First from 9 to 18, the second - from 14 to 21. However, this division is rather conditional, it may be that your district at the time to which you
have agreed to suddenly happen urgent call.
Once you've figured out which of your home inspection services, again you need to get ready.Firstly, to articulate what (whom) you are complaining.The application is best made in duplicate.One you give the district, the second (the instance will have) let them put his autograph district.This precaution is good because if the policeman negligently review your application (written in short, it is clear in the case) and the noise from the neighbors or the revelry in the hall (from 23 to 7 am) do not stop, two of these are not the examined application, you can safely goto his superiors.
And another tip.One hundred and one thing wittingly or unwittingly may interfere with the district to reach you.You will settle your case, if you come to his own strong point.