preferred to use the information booths with a soft covering, which carries advertisement sheets.Stands with plastic pockets A4 recede into the past.Not always the information that you need to disclose, placed on sheets of standard size.
have stand have to be name.It is located in the center, close to the upper edge.You can use the standard "Company News", "Today, in the company", "Information."Or come up with your own name, reflecting the scope of the organization.
Divide the booth into two halves.On the one hand are the everyday work of the case.On the other - holidays, greetings, and other non-basic work, news.
then mounted on a stand informative headlines: "Congratulations", "vacation",
"best employees", etc.All the news, which are updated daily, to be displayed in these names.
If you want to post something very important, attach the headline "Urgent."It stands out in red letters and large letters.
Making a stand, try to bypass the bureaucratic expression.Write texts in simple, accessible language.Make sure that all the staff, from the cleaner to the CEO, it was clear the content.
holiday greetings with colored pencils or Make beautiful cards.Invent your own wishes, from the heart, without recourse to the Internet.Creation, which are posted on websites devoted to congratulations, often leave much to be desired.
Attach to the stand pocket "Suggestions".So for feedback from staff.Let the letter be anonymous, but with their help will the information that will not tell any one meeting.
Go to the registration process of creatively, do not dwell on the template options.Let the information stand will be the pride of the company.