To the Pension Fund received contributions to a pension, you must register and get a personal account number, which consists of 11 numbers.

In that case, if you are employed to work for the first time and have not previously register with the territorial authority, your employer must, within two weeks from the date of the employment contract to give your documents to the Pension Fund for SNILS.To this end, the insurer filled questionnaire, which indicated personal data (name, address, passport details).

After completing this document, you should check the details and sign.If for any reason you do not have the ability to synchronize data, the insurer must indicate this in the questionnaire and stamped, assuring her.

Typically, the questionnaire
supplied in electronic form (Form ADV-1).It is accompanied by an inventory of the documents transmitted to the FIU (Form ADV-6-1).

employee pension fund, taking documents must be at the end of 21 days to transfer the insured insurance certificate of the person claimed.

In that case, if you wish to receive a certificate of insurance compulsory pension insurance yourself, contact the Pension Fund, which is in the area of ​​your residence.Since you should have a document proving your identity.Fund staff will provide you with the form you need to fill out by hand.Then you get SNILS after 10 working days.In

if pension certificate was lost you, then you need to obtain a duplicate.It will also refer to the territorial authority of the place of residence with the document proving your identity.If you remember the account number, then it is good, because the recovery of the document will be implemented fairly quickly.