Tip 1: How to write a magazine in the mail

In Soviet times, perhaps every household subscribed to several periodicals: the daily and monthly, central and local, professional and entertainment for adults and children.Now most of the circulation of periodicals distributed through kiosks "Rospechat" and shops, but the favorite magazine can still be made out to mail .
To subscribe to a publication you are interested, please contact the post office.At the information desk you will find catalogs, which made the acceptance of applications from citizens and legal entities: general catalog "Press of Russia", the Russian media catalog "Russian Post" and the directory "Newspapers.Magazines "the application" editions of scientific and technical information. "
Select the desired subscription catalog Journal , write down its proper name, and the value of the index.Then take a client racks or employees mail order form periodicals and fill it - in terms of "Subscribe" Enter the name and index Journal but his last name, first name
, delivery address, month and year on which subscribeand the required number of sets - in a part of the "Delivering card" enter the same information as in the subscription, as well as the cost and type of publication: newspaper or magazine .
subscriptions in the appropriate window of the post office.Note that the "Mail of Russia" provides certain discounts: - 20% for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, as well as disabled groups I and II at the presentation of the corresponding certificate; - 17% for the most popular national newspapers and Journal s and25% of urban and rural issues.
Delivery Journal written out and you can draw on your home address, and the address of the post office so that you can get it by hand because the mailbox at the entrance - untrusted storage.
not to stand in queues at the post , use the internet: the official website of "Mail of Russia┬╗ www.russianpost.ru click on the banner, giving credit to the on-line subscription, or go directly to www.vipishi.ru or www.pressa-rf.ru.Sign up, enter your data, select the directory you are interested Journal , add it to your cart and pay a subscription by any of the methods: by credit card, electronic money, bank transfer or cash through payment terminals.
Also, write down can log in publishing through its official website, recommended by the subscription agency or over the phone.The same services are provided and specialized Internet sites, but in the latter case, the cost will be higher: the mediator also has to pay.

Tip 2: How to write a magazine

In our time, when using the Internet, you can get probably any information with one click, subscription Journal or paper through the post office may seem archaic.But at this particular time in your hand the real, non-virtual Journal , the newspaper or a book - it means getting a lot more than just information.It means being implicated reality.
How to write the magazine
you need
  • phone, passport, money.
by e-mail at the front to get the catalog information agency "Rospechat".Usually subscribe to the magazine s newspapers and carried it through this agency.
In the catalog you will find the necessary publication and fill out a form to subscribe (you need to bring your passport data, information on the publication, the number of months during which you want to be published).
In order to keep all your magazines and newspapers is better in the graph indicate the destination address of your post office.Only upon receipt not forget to take your passport with you - without confirming the identity of a magazine or newspaper you do not give out.
Helpful Hint
Enter your home address if you want a magazine or a newspaper delivered to your mailbox as possible option of a publication on the right post.
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