At the top of a sheet of paper on which you are going to write a letter , specify a destination.For example, the Director of the MPO utilities Kuznetsk
Ivanov I.I.Dopustimo here to write a lette
r from someone : №1 from tenants on the street.Youth Kuznetsk (a list of names and signatures attached) .or From Nikolaev NN, residing at (complete address).It is desirable to specify the number of telefona.Odnako data sender and its contacts can be specified at the end of the letter.
structure letter of help .It should be: - introduction (description of the immediate events about which actually written a letter );
- the reason for writing a letter (which you describe the events worried, worried, worried);
- a request arising from observing sobytiya.Pri you described a sequence that displays the logic of the event or situation, letter will be perceived by the addressee easier.
language and writing style.There are welcome: - specifics.Do not "smeared" most importantly, to provide more facts;
- clarity.Avoid sentences whose meaning can be interpreted ambiguously.Do not enter a destination misleading;
- exact designation of places and dates, one way or another related to your request for assistance .Nebolshaya dose of emotions in letters of help allowed.
request was formulated by means of the verb "to ask»:
«We ask you to take action ..." (if a letter from a group of individuals);
«Please assist ..." (if letter from one person).
If you have your own ideas of how to fix the situation about which you are informed of a letter can write "My Offers", and set out his vision of the problem.