Take a passport or other document proving your identity, as well as documents that are necessary to address your questions.Come to the department on work with citizens' applications and letters and write a statement in which they indicate the purpose of your visit.Also specify in the statement of their passport details and contact numbers.After a few days you should call and notify you of the date and time on which you recorded on reception .
When you write an application, be sure to get your registration nomer.Chtoby increase their chances to get to the reception to governor , do not spread in a statement all aspects of your question.
Find out if the Governor personal website a
nd send a request for this sayt.Takzhe you can try to make an reception to governor , calling it reception tion.
If you sign up for the reception fails to explain the essence of your question in writing and send a letter to the postal address of the governor.The answer must be sent to you within mesyatsa.Segodnya increasingly gaining popularity online reception s citizens, that is, you can go to the official website of the governor and ask questions directly on the site.Find out whether your governor spends online reception s, as well as their duration.Internet conferences are convenient in that they are given the opportunity to ask the Governor Ā«inconvenient" and pointed questions do not hesitate.Often, this communication becomes useful for both sides, and confidence as open as possible.If there are any questions the governor will not have time to answer during an Internet conference, these questions are not left unattended, they take personal control of the governor and their answers are published without fail.