you need
  • Envelope;
  • Stamps;
  • correspondence to be sent;
  • handle;
find any post office.Bring him the documents that you want to send.
Pick the envelope corresponding to the size of the documents.The minimum letter size: 110 x 220 mm or 114 x 162 mm, the maximum size of 229 x 324 millimeters.
Ask postal workers weigh your letter.Weight of origin shall not exceed 100 grams.
Sign the envelope.You must specify the exact address and the name, surname, patronymic of sender and recipient.In the upper left corner of the envelope, specify from whom comes a letter, then - your code and postal address.In the lower right corner of the envelope enter the name of the person or the destination of the official address of the recipient, including its postcode.
in the upper right corner, specify the amount of the envelope in which you think about this letter.In case of loss or damage to the letters you compensation.From the declared value depends on the size of your pay for sending the letter.For each full or not full premium amount to Ruble 0.03 penny.
Complete inventory.List it all the documents that you send - name, date of writing, or other distinctive signs by which you can tell them apart.You must also specify the total value of these documents (it must match what you specified on the cover) and put his signature at the bottom of the inventory.Inventory is filled in duplicate.
Pass not a sealed letter with a list of documents and postal workers.After the transfer of postal worker puts a stamp on the two copies of the list, a copy is transmitted to you and the other embedded in an envelope and sealed.
Pay forwarding letter.After payment, take a cashier's check, it should be kept until the delivery of the letter to the addressee.Since then, the letter with declared value is deemed to be accepted for carriage.