you need
  • - documents confirming the right to the assistance;
  • - passport.
Contact the Department of Social Welfare.Give to the package of documents, depending on which category do you feel about people in need.If you live in a low-income family, then confirm it references the salary of both spouses and the document on the composition of the family.In this case, you can count on periodic payments of material assistance, as well as child allowances.
Social benefits can be decorated in many other cases.For example, financial aid the state relies temporarily disabled, pregnant and lactating mothers, the parents of a disabled child and a minor child.The relatives of the deceased can also receive allowance for burial, and the woman came antenata
l care early in pregnancy - in the additional one-time payment.It is also the basis for one-time assistance to becomes the birth of the child.All of these benefits are drawn from different institutions to learn more about this can be an employee of social protection.
addition of federal assistance programs, there are a variety of regional, such as special payments to families consisting of students with children.On these kinds of benefits can also be found in the Department of Social Protection.
Separate financial assistance may be laid and students of state universities.They are entitled to social scholarship, established with the University independently.It usually applies to people with disabilities and people from low-income families.
Unemployed entitled to special financial assistance from States to open their own business.To do this, he must provide the employment service business plan, under which it will develop its business.If its application is approved Buda, he will be able to receive their lump sum allowance for the year.This sum will be the start-up capital to start a new organization.
There is also the possibility of a special social assistance if you do not fit into any of the previous categories.It may be due to lack of funds for housing repairs in connection with natural disasters and other situations that arise suddenly.You will need to confirm their circumstances documented.