for admission the applicant must submit an application written to the head of the school police that he wanted to study at the school police.The application should be returned directly to the admissions office of the school the police before the first of June.The statement must necessarily be given parental consent.The Admissions Committee of the Lyceum later sends documents in the personnel unit on the territory of the Interior, which will hold drawing up official personal file in accordance with the requirements of the young men the Russian Interior Ministry.Then, a personal statement of the case of the candidate, after which the authorities either

recommend or not recommend it for enrollment.

to go to school police, made the selection of candidates:

1. conduct psychological tests aimed at identifying intellectual level.

2. Check the physical training for certain sports.

3. Interview.The candidate talks to teachers in core academic subjects included in the program of secondary school is usually the humanities.At the interview all candidates must be properly spelled out in writing a given topic (for example: why did you decide to enroll in high school the police?) Or read an excerpt of a text.

4. Passage of medical examination: medical examination takes place in June in a timely manner in the school police for a fee.The Commission provides:

  • general analysis of blood and urine.

  • blood test candidate for Wasserman.

  • Checking blood for HIV.

  • electrocardiogram heart.

  • Fluorography.

  • Extract from the outpatient Cards (over five years).

  • data set vaccinations.

5. Testing.The test is conducted in order to establish the level of intellectual development of the candidate.On the testing will be required to answer questions related to the humanities, which were studied in the curriculum of secondary schools.