The construction

In the III century BC, the disparate Chinese kingdoms began to unite into one state under the great Emperor Qin Shi Huang.Many of his actions today cause a mixed assessment, but it should be noted its role in the formation of the great Chinese civilization.He was the initiator of the construction of the Great Wall, known today throughout the world.

widely believed that the Chinese wall is needed to protect their possessions from the attacks of the tribes in the north.Indeed, during the period of the Warring States Chinese principality often subjected to attacks of the nomads, including aggressive Huns.But a serious threat, they did not imagine large military power did not have and could not be compared with dev
eloped and strong Chinese.

main purpose of construction of the wall was to limit the expansion of the empire.It sounds strange, but the emperor was important to keep the boundaries of its territory, to prevent the spread of his people to the north, where he could mingle with the nomads, to start an unwanted semi-nomadic - it was a risk of fragmentation of the new state.

Qin Shi Huang ordered to reinforce the northern border, and trees out of the ground it was not enough.He demanded to build a real strong building made of stone, which was to stretch for many kilometers.

Construction of the Great Wall

More than three million people had been convened on the construction of the wall - according to scientists, it is about half of the male population of ancient China.It was forced labor, peasants torn from their families and sent to work and to the construction site, where conditions were so brutal that most do not stand up and die.In their place came a new party, and the dead were buried not far from the wall of what is often called the longest cemetery in the world.Perhaps some were buried directly in the walls of buildings.

Construction was carried out on the site of the existing embankments, walls and affectation researchers explain that the builders had to choose the most suitable places for relief and the presence of roads that were delivered to the construction materials required.

After the death of Qin Shi Huang emperors continued construction of the Great Wall of China, but is not so active.It was built several watch towers, new sites in different areas.In the XV century, it began the first reconstruction, which was carried out nearly two centuries.When China's Qing dynasty reigned from the XVII century, the walls function rulers seemed unnecessary, and many of its sites were destroyed.