you need
  • - room;
  • - flowers;
  • - products;
  • - money;
  • - candles.
Start organizing memorial evening in advance.Try to make sure that the event was held in a calm, unhurried atmosphere.Your goal - to remember the departed person, to honor his memory and to gather people who own the deceased would have been pleased to see in his lifetime.
Select a room for events.If you are going to collect only a small circle of close friends, will be enough and the home environment.For larger events it is advisable to withdraw a separate room in the café: in this case, try to make sure that no other nearby companies or holidays.
If the deceased person was known for his social and artistic activities as a separate event, you can arrange a memorial evening related to his professional achievements.Pick the appropriate music, ask former colleagues to prepare a short oral presentation, arrange a retrospective of photographs.
Visit the cemetery.Tidy grave to lay flowers, light candles.Contrary to popular stereotype of the cemetery is not necessary to take food or drinks.This custom came from paganism, it is contrary to Orthodoxy, but not everyone knows about it.The silence, prayers, memories - so it is best to honor the memory of the deceased in anniversary of his death .
Give alms to the poor, take unwanted clothing to the church, feed the homeless, donate money to charity.Good deeds in memory of the deceased person - at least a decent way to honor him than a memorial dinner.