before searching gather as much information about missing relatives.Talk to her grandmother, parents.Let them tell you all remember.Ask not whether remains of old photographs and letters from the front.It will be very valuable finds.The envelope you can see the date of dispatch and area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperations.Then you will have a starting point from which to begin the search.In addition, the handwriting sample can help to further identify the remains.
After gathering all the information, go to the sites where the information is stored on the missing soldiers.Their database is constantly updated as the search for unmarked graves go so far.In the right line on the po
rtal, specify date of birth, the name and title of participant of the Great Patriotic War .You will see a list of those who fit the description.If you find a person unable to write the administration site and leave a request.As soon as any information, you will contact.
Ask for help in the military-patriotic clubs that necessarily exist in your area.You can find them in the Historical Institute, the former Palace of Pioneers, in schools.Pass the information on wanted their party m. They have access to archived data and try to find the most accurate information about the whereabouts of the missing grave.
Write the program "Wait for me."You can do this online transfer or by sending a letter to the address Ul.Academician Korolev, d. 12. Enter all the information you have about the missing soldier, attach a photo, if available.Search Engines, after receiving an envelope, will make the data in the database program.And begin to look for information on the whereabouts of the remains of the missing.Once something becomes known, you will be contacted by phone, who do not forget to indicate the end of the letter.