collective complaints you can write independently, but under it can sign and then all those citizens who are also victims of injustice, poor maintenance or the arbitrariness of the authorities.It is better to agree in advance to its text, beating or call all those who will sign the complaint.Collect them accurate information about the name, patronymic, address registration, passport details and contact numbers.
to write a complaint, use a standard A4 sheet of paper.In the upper right corner, specify the full name and address of the organization, which is written complaint and list the names and addresses of those who will sign it.
The first line in the middle, write the title of "collective complaints" under it - the main text.Contains the substance adhering to official style.Facts describe specific and clearly showing the dates of quantitative indicators.Try to express their claims logically and without emotion - dry, concise language does not reflect your personality.Describe the incident as if from the outside, as a witness.Write in the first person plural: "We are, we are."
Set out a list of requirements that you advance and list the violations that were committed.To create this part of the application you need a lawyer because better at this reference to those provisions of the law that have been breached.Use stationery when writing such momentum as: "In violation of federal law ...", "What discredits ...", "What has a negative impact ...".
Do not forget to complete the complaint with the words: "Please take action and ...".Print text in duplicate.Each sign it with a breakdown of each signature, set the date of signing the application.One copy should remain with you.
Both copies take the office of the organization - the addressee of the complaint.Register document.In the second instance, which remains with you, in the office must also put down incoming registration number.If you send a complaint by registered mail, then submit the first copy and be sure to complete your receipt.