you need
  • computer with an Internet connection, a camera.
The word "photography" is derived from Greek and means "light painting" or "letter to the light."Create pictures with the camera is nothing else like imprinting, and then saving some real image on the material sensitive to light (photographic film).
First there was black and white photography.Color photograph appeared later in the nineteenth century.At the end of the twentieth century there was a digital photo, eliminates the use of film and record images on a computer disk.
Initially, photography was a way to capture some real event, or to create a portrait of a real person, saving it for many years.However, as a result of numerous improvements of photographic equipment and
camera appearance with the wide possibilities of a simple picture of capturing images "in memory" has turned into an independent art form.We can say that the picture is gradually supplanted close to her painting, largely due to greater availability, and became the most fashionable and relevant view of contemporary art.
photography is both a kind of a fact of reality, and the reality of the display at the same time artistic way, give the viewer the right impression.The authenticity of the object paradoxically combined with fiction, the fact that - with fantasy photographer.Any real event can be removed in different ways, to present in different ways, and it depends on the point of view of the photographer, and creative thinking.Thus, the photographer can be considered a true artist who creates his own world of "light painting".A skilled photographer enjoys close to the painting tools such as perspective, lighting, perspective and composition.
main photographic genres such as still life, portraits, landscapes or nudes are very close to the picturesque genre.However, in the photo there are many unique to this kind of art genres.For example, a photo-story architectural photography or photo advertising.
photography has become an integral part of modern cultural life.Numerous workshops and a large number of photographic exhibitions, the Biennale or significantly help the promotion of this art form.
master the art of photography is not so simple, it is not enough to use expensive equipment.Needed creativity, wealth of imagination, the ability to see an interesting picture and to "catch" it.As with any other form of art, the art of photography in the first place is the talent of the artist, his creative idea.