No one knows when a man came up with the idea to come up with this device.According to legend, many, many centuries ago, a Chinese man, very fond of his wife, came up to her, "the roof, which is always with her."It is not known if this is true or not, but the image of Chinese mandarins with umbrellas present on ancient drawings, dating back to X century BC.

In ancient Egypt, too, had their own umbrellas and used them exclusively pharaohs.Interestingly, the original umbrella used solely for protection from the sun, and only after many, many centuries, people got the idea to use it as a protection against rain and wind.
Only at the beginning of the XVIII century began to use an umbrella
to protect against rain.Trying to make the most small umbrella undertaken always Steel Folding umbrella, however, and folded it was about 30 cm.

Wizard processing wood, bone, stone, organized competitions, who better to decorate the handle of the umbrella.There were umbrellas quirks rather ingenious than helpful.For example, umbrella-hat: water was collected in huge fields bent and flowed through a special drain.Umbrella lightning rod: the wire was attached to it, is meant to protect against lightning storm apprehended traveler.Umbrella glasses, umbrella, travel bag, an umbrella with a box of mirrors, powder and perfume.The mass of umbrellas that by pressing the button turned into different useful things.

Umbrellas appeared in Russia later - only in the middle of the XVIII century, most fashionable novelties, were removed from Paris.In those days in France umbrellas rain were still clumsy and weighed at least two kilos, so walk with them was quite difficult, but the sun flourished: becoming more beautiful, more elegant and subtle.

Graceful lace umbrellas, trinkets with frill and bows were most refined coquetry.Interestingly, the very principle of design umbrella, folding spokes between which stretched fabric in a thousand years, in general, has not undergone significant changes.First, spokes made of bamboo, wood, ivory, metal and now.That's the whole difference.
Nowadays, obeying fashion umbrellas are the big, the small, folded to pocket size or stretched in the form of sticks.Modern umbrella do not silk or leather and synthetic materials, "Bologna", a special transparent film.Still popular traditional black umbrellas made of cotton fabric impregnated, only now it has become a fixture of the male wardrobe.Women prefer more vibrant colors.