As explained in the press service of the Danish capital's zoo, giraffe killed by the genetic material has already been presented in their zoo.Referring to the demands of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA), relating to the breeding of animals, the management of the Copenhagen Zoo as a reason for the murder of Marius led the inadmissibility of inbreeding or inbreeding.
According to the European press, as a result of young and absolutely healthy giraffe was shot by employees of the Copenhagen Zoo.The only fault polutoragodovalogo Marius was the fact that he was born as a result of inbreeding.The murder of a giraffe caused a stormy public reaction, despite the fact that the management of the zoo pe
rsevered to refer to the rules established by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums.In addition, the leadership of the Danish zoo said that Marius did not want to take any of the 300 zoos operating auspices of EAZA.
active participation in the life of Marius were ready to accept many famous guests, including American promoter Klaus Helmbak, according to which one of his friends could buy a giraffe, giving Marius life.If the leadership of the Danish zoo agreed to the proposal Helmbaka, eighteen months giraffe had the opportunity to "live in peace in a garden in Beverly Hills," but in the Copenhagen Zoo on this proposal for some reason did not react ...
knownthat the desire to redeem Marius reported and stars of Russian circus - trainers Askold and Edgard Zapashnye.Shortly before the massacre of animals taken Zapashnye sent to a Danish zoo official letter in which he offered his candidacy as buyers for the condemned to death by Marius.A copy of the letter was sent and the Danish Embassy in the Russian Federation - the artists were asked to help and assist in negotiations aimed at saving the giraffe, but this project came to nothing lead.
Some time later it became known that the administration of the zoo Jyllands, which is located in the Danish town Videbek, preparing to kill another giraffe, as the animal is not fit for the tribal breeding.A month after the death of Marius, in March 2014, representatives of the zoo of Copenhagen reported killing several lions ... Two older predators were shot with a pair of cubs ten months, according to the management of the institution, with the best intentions - the dead belonged to the LionsPride, they had to kill to get a better life was a young male, claiming to be the pack leader.It only remains to add that the remains of a giraffe Marius previously been fed to the lions by the same, in fact repeat his fate.