Decide whether the person is subject to registration in a nursing home.Remember that according to the Federal Law "On Guardianship and Trusteeship" in the definition of such institutions are suitable mainly single men over 60 and women over 55 years old, disabled groups I and II (by illness or age), veterans of wars.
contact your local Social Protection of the place of residence, receive and fill up the questionnaire of the established sample, and then apply for the definition of a nursing home, according to which the Commission Social Security will take the decision to place human in thisinstitution.The reason for this will permit, a modern social protect
ion agencies, as well as a private citizen or a written statement of his guardian, ITU help of a disability, the conclusion of the judiciary or the guardianship authorities about disability.
If necessary, the content of the old man in the psycho-neurological boarding requires the committee of doctors, consisting of at least three experts, including a psychiatrist.In this case, the summary will be indicative of mental illness which deprived human opportunity to stay in the usual social welfare institution.
Note that an elderly person is admitted to a nursing home only with special medical decisions about his health and safety of others.It will be based on the extract from the medical history, decorated in a hospital or clinic in the community with the following diagnoses of medical specialists - physician, dermatologist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist, oncologist, a TB, an infectious disease specialist.
Women compulsory gynecological examination.In addition, the results of blood tests for HIV, the result of x-rays and medical program for disabled for individual rehabilitation.