When there was the Soviet police and as noted, this date

Previous Day Soviet militia was accompanied by a large grand concert featuring the best musical groups and singers.This concert was broadcast on television, and in the whole country.The only exception was in 1982, because it died Nov. 10 of party-political leader of the country LIBrezhnev.

After the February Revolution of 1917. Russia, which is already having a hard time because of the many years of exhausting war and the rapid growth of separatist sentiment in many regions, literally swept shaft crime.Criminal situation was deteriorating month after month, becoming especially intense before the October Revolution.And the fight against crime was no one, since the old law enforcement agencies virtually ceased to exist.The ne
w government headed by Ulyanov-Lenin was forced to respond quickly to this fact and is already October 28 (November 10, New Style), 1917, it adopted a resolution "On the workers' militia."

However, up until 1962, this date is considered neither national, nor even a professional holiday, although police made many heroic deeds, fighting crime, as well as in the Great Patriotic War.Only September 26, 1962 the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR issued a decree according to which the day Soviet police began their professional holiday.This decree was later (with slight variations) confirmed twice: in 1980 and 1988.

Concert, dedicated to the police until 1987 was held in the Hall of Columns, and from 1987 to the beginning of 2000 - the concert hall "Russia".Subsequently, the venue for this concert was the State Kremlin Palace.

how to change the name of the holiday

After the collapse of the Soviet Union to maintain the former name of the holiday has become impossible.He became known as the Day of Russian militia.And after March 1, 2011 came into force a new law "On Police", the name was changed again.According to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated October 13, 2011, the holiday was renamed the "Day of the employee of the Interior of the Russian Federation."On that day, police officers are serving in dress uniform.The television show big gala concert.