idea of ​​creating a single European music competition appeared at the European Broadcasting Union in the early 50s.The creators of the contest had several objectives: to identify new talented performers, to popularize pop in and out of pop music on TV screens.

In 1955, at a meeting in Monaco, the idea was approved.It was decided to hold the first contest in the next, in 1956.The basis was adopted while the popular music contest in San Remo.

venue was selected the city of Lugano in southern Switzerland.Platform competition was the Kursaal theater room.
rules first "Eurovision" is different from the present.In the vote was attended by two representatives from each participating country.They give grades to each pa
rticipant on a scale.Rules allowed to vote for any country, even in his native country members of the jury.This system is never used.

from each country can participate two songs.The length of the songs should not exceed three and a half minutes.The contest is not allowed groups and duets, solo performance only.
The first competition was attended by representatives from seven countries: the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, France and the Federal Republic of Germany.Another three countries (Austria, Denmark and the UK) also had to participate in the competition, but did not have time to register before the end of the official period.He won by a participant from Switzerland Lys Assia with the song "Refrain".The rest of the results of the competition were not disclosed.
order of participation determined by lot.Restrictions on the number of persons on the scene did not exist.Participants are determined by the language in which sang their songs.The entire first contest lasted just one hour and forty minutes.There was no financial reward to the winner.
next competition was held in 1957 in Germany.The rules were slightly modified from the country could submit only one song, the jury consisted of ten people from each country, to vote for their country was banned.
Since 1958 Contest "Eurovision" has officially become an annual event.Every year the number of participating countries increased.In 2004, the first time the competition was divided into semi-finals and finals.In 2014, in the song contest "Eurovision" was attended by 37 countries.
televoting was first tested in 1996, five countries (Great Britain, Austria, France, Germany, Sweden).The very next year, all participating countries have introduced a system of audience voting.