To change phone on guarantee , you need to bring your passport and documents showing that the goods purchased at such a time and such a store.Carefully check, not over whether the warranty period.Read, in which cases phone be exchanged.Present seller necessary papers with not suit you phone th.
Keep in mind that phone nye devices are not subject to exchange category.This means that you can not exchange quality phone to another device from the date of purchase within 14 days, because you did not accept the color, size or lack of access to the Internet.In other words, what goods purchased, and such use.
to request the exchange phone and need only if you are sure you provide it
in the appropriate quality without mechanical damage.Broke - once in the store, in any case, do not expect that you can fix it yourself, if you are not skilled in the art.
Make a claim to broken machinery in writing.The letter should be in duplicate.Try to pass it in front of witnesses.If you are planning to exchange phone , it is not necessary to write a statement about the need to repair.
Write consent to send phone and for examination.Desirably, it is carried out in front of you.Otherwise, it may show traces of what you were trying to repair the alleged phone own goods or specially filled with water.
If you for whatever reason, refuse to accept the application for exchange, refer to the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.Rely on articles, painted in the second chapter, especially in Articles 18 to 25. In order not to be unfounded, take the hands of the book, which must necessarily be in the store, and cites the important position.