Construction liner

In the early XX century, shipping was the leading sector.In the UK, there is fierce competition between the two companies involved in the production of ships, "Cunard" and "White Star Line".The first famous for the fact that set sail two of the fast ship.This greatly weakened the "White Star Line", and its leadership had decided to respond to competitors.It will soon launch the construction of ships, yielding kunardovskim speed, but surpassing them in size.

Ships majestic gave names inspired by mythology, "Titanic" and "Olympic".Construction of the first involved more than 1,500 people.By 1911 he was ready.But it is not a grand building was a major in the history of the ship, and something like "Titanic" sank.


preliminary swim, "Titanic" for the end of May.In Belfast gathered a huge number of people wanting to s
ee it.Hardware Test is successful, no failures are not expected.Within eight hours the ship was going at high speed.Then it was allowed to make present the cruise journey.

only flight

first flight, which became the last ship began April 10.It all started favorably.But from 14 to 15 April 1912 "Titanic" hit an iceberg.The result has damaged five of the sixteen watertight compartments.About 3 hours later the ship sank.Less than half of the passengers were saved.

Causes of death

known that Captain Edward Smith was one of the most advanced of its kind.He personally greeted the more than 2,200 passengers on the liner.But in flight it lost its leadership.His actions were too cautious and sluggish.

On "Titanic" had only 20 lifeboats.They were not designed for rescue of the number of passengers that were on board.In addition, the team embarks on them only to women and children that made a panic in the crowd of passengers making their way to the boat violently.Two of them do not been lowered.

In addition to the official version, why sunk "Titanic", there is an alternative.It states that in the coal compartment fire started.He was not put out, thinking that the ship will have time to get to their destination, where eliminate fire.Therefore, the captain increased speed of "Titanic" and risked and decided to shorten the path, avoiding the iceberg.

¬ęTitanic" marked the beginning of a series of books and films on the subject.Surviving released his memoirs for huge money.Last injured in the crash died in 2006.