When the street is a woman in high heels, many men with a sinking heart followed her admiring glances.The woman, wearing heels, gait changes: it seems to be all the internal pull-up, plus everything from moving the center of gravity of the body, it has to go very small steps, which gives her gait graceful and mysterious.And, of course, a woman in high heels looks higher and therefore more elegant.
However, it is believed that a modern heel dates back to the Baroque era.And we came up with his men.According to one version, it was a French officer, who wore boots - heavy high leather boots, a required element of which - inlaid heel.Need it was that during riding is better to keep the foot in the stirrup.According to another - first appeared in riders heels of the Golden Horde.And they also were needed for a comfortable riding.And so long remained accessory
of men's shoes.

fashion for beautiful exotic Chopin - the cylindrical platform shoes - entered the Venetian courtesan.Walking alone on the platform height of 15 to 42 cm, they could only by a servant or fans.In 1430 Chopin was outlawed.But the prohibitions of the authorities could not keep fashionable craze.Women wore shoes made of colored leather, brocade on the curved heels with a pointed bow.They are decorated with bows, buckles, rosettes.Sometimes heels were so tall and thin that women could only walk on them with a stick.

clear that high heels were the privilege of the nobility and royals.Probably peasants not even offended, but as the experts say, to go on such high heels was not comfortable, because there was no arch supports."The masses' heel has stepped into the 20th century, when the designers of clothes and shoes began to produce their collections, began to take fashion shows and fashion shows.
Today it is impossible to imagine any one wardrobe without shoes on his heels.A modern designers compete with each other in skill to create the most fantastic heels.Now just as many years ago, women wear heels to visually lengthen legs emphasize its elegance.The history of fashion heels has not yet unfinished, it is still waiting for his enthusiastic fans.