What PMS girls - decryption spell

Reducing PMS is most often used to refer to premenstrual syndrome («Pre-Menstrual Syndrome").This complex set of symptoms that can be observed in some women during the days before menstruation (from two to 10 days).Some believe that PMS - a myth invented by women to justify their bad mood, but it is not.Premenstrual syndrome - is officially recognized by the disease, which can occur with varying degrees of severity.

PMS in women can manifest itself in different ways.The most common symptoms - a headache, irritability, weakness, crying, drowsiness, lethargy and fatigue, and pain in the lower abdomen and lower back.Some women in this period of "jumping" the pressure is nausea or vomiting, fainting.Other women during PM

S may worsen the taste or smell, taste preferences vary.Premenstrual syndrome may be accompanied by swelling, breast tenderness, digestive disorders.

According to medical studies approximately 5% of women PMS occurs quite hard, and it greatly affects their well-being, health, as well as on relations in society and in the family.

most notable from the symptoms of PMS in women - it mood swings, tendency to tears, depressive mood, irritability and sometimes aggression.This greatly affects the others - particularly "get" partners subject PMS girls.

PMS girls - transcript

Men often ridicules this state, and sometimes tend to explain any unwanted premenstrual syndrome symptoms of female emotionality.However, some women also tend to be treated with humor to their own "periods of insanity."Therefore, PMS is often featured in all sorts of jokes, demotivators joke.For example, in the address of a hysterical girl can "fly" an expression «CCM PMS» (transcript - "candidate master of premenstrual syndrome").

There is also a number of "popular" transcripts abbreviations PMS , reflecting the emotional state of women during this period.For example:

  • period of maximum bitchiness,
  • pity on me today,
  • shoot me now,
  • why we suffer,
  • love me soon,
  • why men are bastards,
  • understand the man hard,
  • between men suffering,
  • just silently accept.

What is PMS on Railways

The railways reducing PMS decided to designate track machine stations, which include special mobile units engaged in scheduled repair railway tracks - including the replacement of rails, strengthening of embankments, service switches,protection from flooding or snow drifts.To oversimplify, the ICP can be called "automated repair trains."But in fact, part of the travel machine stations include residential and cars for employees, cars, shops, cars, storage and much more.

What does the ICP on railway

very first track machine station was organized in 1934 at the Moscow-Kursk railway.Now on the Russian railways are more than 300 PMS.

All PMS railways have their own room and "assigned" to a particular site.For example, PMS-75 Gatchina, PMS-232 Ufa, PMS-329 Adler.

How PMS stands in sports, military affairs, navigation and other industries

in the work of the United Nations ICP means the International Comparison Programme UN , which helps to get information about the state of the economy of different regions by comparing the purchasing power of currencies.

in communications PMS stands for "government long-distance relationship» , also called high-frequency connection (high-frequency).This communication system was established in the USSR, 1930, in order to ensure the secrecy of the negotiations between the leadership of the country, as well as security organs.The people nomenclature communications system called "spinner".

navigational abbreviation PMS stands for sailing and motor boat .Typically, this small sailing vessels which are equipped with a power-driven, which can be used for maneuvering or no wind.The most common types of PSM - schooners and barges barquentine.It is on such ships maritime training institutions, students usually get their first experience of navigation.

What is PMS in different industries - motor sailing ship

In sports PMS stands as follows: "Honorary Master of Sports» .Now the title is not assigned, but in Soviet times since the 60s an honorary Master of Sports appropriated athletes, who for five years has successfully carried out a year Master of Sports of the USSR.

In chemistry, reducing PMS is used to indicate polymethylsiloxane .The polymer is resistant to high temperatures, so is used for the manufacture of plastic products used in "hot" conditions.

In the military can mean ICP mine train Starinov - is legendary for portable mine explosion trains developed by Soviet engineers, military figure and partisan commandos Ilya Starinov.These mines were widely used during the Spanish Civil War and the Great Patriotic War and is considered the most effective weapon of Soviet partisans.

Abbreviation PMS may have other values.For example, in St. Petersburg works JSC "Petersburg backbone grids", which is the abbreviated name - of PMS.And in the city of Oryol State University students are taught, among other things, and at the Department of PMS (transcript in this case means "instrumentation, metrology and certification").