Targets Cancer Day

ultimate goal of all activities is to reduce mortality from cancer.An important step in the fight against cancer is prevention, so it is given a special meaning.Many hospitals are often decades, to mark the Day of the fight against cancer, when you can be tested free of charge, to identify cancer at an early stage and start early treatment.The main task during the holiday is to convey information about cancer to the public because there are many misconceptions on the subject.

main event on the Day of the fight against cancer

There are four key myths about cancer, which is struggling with the World Health Organization.Firstly, on the disease is referred to as a purely medical problem.Secondly, there is a belief that cancer suffer mostly elderly people in de
veloped countries.In fact, more than half of deaths occur in developing countries.Third, many people are afraid of cancer, because they believe that it is incurable and leads to one hundred percent fatal.While modern medicine has proved that cancer patients can be completely cure.Finally, fourthly, to cancer are treated as fatal events, which can not not be prevented.This is not true.There are effective preventive methods that help maintain health for a lifetime.

aims to dispel these myths Cancer Day.WHO and the International Union Against Cancer develops and implements special education programs, through which people receive accurate and objective information.In some countries, primary health care is not always available to the public.UICC is actively working to improve its level, it will reduce the number of deaths due to the disease.

addition to educational programs and to improve primary health care, held a variety of anti-cancer activities aimed at the general audience.It is, first of all, anti-smoking campaigns, promotions, commercials.It is important to convey a correct opinion about smoking to the population, especially that almost a third of smokers said the harmful effects of nicotine on the body greatly exaggerated.

Anticancer campaign also aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle.Because obesity - one of the triggering factors of the disease, people's attention is focused on increasing physical activity.Created commercials for healthy food, the focus of which is on the predominance of fruits and vegetables and reducing salt and fat in the diet.