What is common

So common is a set of individuals who share similar interests, values, living conditions.In addition, these individuals as part of community are aware of their social identity.Some sociologists believe that the community there by chance.American scientist D. Homans believes that people are a part of community striving to achieve certain benefits.And what is more important is the benefit - the more power a person makes to interact with other people.It turns out that the community formed only to achieve a common goal.

Types and structure of communities

classification of communities is usually carried out on various grounds.This may be a temporary attribute, i.e.the existence of commonality may take a few minutes (for example, t
he audience of the meeting), but can - a few centuries (here we are talking about entire nations).On the basis of common quantitative graded by two people (for example, stage crew) to several thousand (members of the same party).Another feature - the density of the connections between the community: it can be closely knit team (such as a single team of staff of the office), or amorphous formation in which people almost do not interact with each other (football fans).

There is also the concept of mass social community.Such a community is unstable and heterogeneous composition, and it is impossible to accurately determine the number of people included in it.Mass social community operates on the basis of any activity - it is not the existence of community.Such social formations are fans of rock stars and sports fans.A single nation or race is also considered a mass community.This also can be attributed to a crowd of protesters.

occupies a special place in the community of bringing people along ethnic lines.The people of the same ethnicity, the total area of ​​residence, a solid history, its own culture and its own identity, putting members of the ethnic community somewhat aloof from other nations and nationalities, making them aware of their differences from them.At the beginning of the formation of an ethnic community is a fundamental feature of living in a common area.In the future, this sign is no longer a chief.For example, people who consider themselves Russian, live in the world and at the same time do not forget the traditions of their ethnic group.