media can manipulate the audience in some situations, most often associated with major political, economic or extraordinary events.The rest of the audience interaction with the media - it is a two way process.

media as a means to an unlimited influence on the audience

media has sometimes affects a person to the fullest.Moreover, the impact can be both negative and positive.There are three theories about the strong influence of media on people's minds.

first theory, which bears the name of the "magic bullet", compares the information from the media to the bullet has on people quick action.Such exposure may be achieved by broadcasting the news critical.Very popular example where in 1938 in the United States on the radio for the first time read "War of the Worlds" by HG Wells and many accepted the
text as real news, which led to panic.

second theory regards propaganda.Propaganda has three shades of white, gray and black.White aims at suppressing harmful information, while black vice versa - to disseminate.Gray propaganda and acts as an intermediate phenomenon may suppress and spread false ideas, depending on its tasks.

third theory is based on the formation of public opinion through the media censorship.

All three of these theories reflect the most powerful ways to manipulate emotions and consciousness of people.

media as a proofreader opinion

Not all people and in all circumstances is completely subordinate to the influence of the media.Many need to discuss the information with others, find out what he thinks about a significant public figure to them, as far as the information meets their outlook on life.

big role information plays in understanding the level of education a person and his interest in the phenomenon under discussion.Also significant level of sensibility and propensity to ensure that other control them or decide for him tasks.

cultivation There is a theory, which is the transfer of the TV image into reality.According to the theory, people who watch a lot of TV tend to experience life as part of the screen.If an individual likes to criminal transmission, it is likely that it will have a high level of anxiety and high expectation that it must be killed or robbed.Most often, this influence can be exerted on people with low levels of education and have a mediocre self-esteem.

Influence audience media

media do not have full authority over the man: the individual himself determines the source of information based on their preferences, and narrowing its range of his interests.He knows that he wants to get from the media, thereby forcing them to talk about what he needs first.