for parcels sent in Kazakhstan , like all others, is a limit on the size and weight.Your containers should not be more than 1.05 m in any dimension;and the sum of the length of the perimeter of the large cross-section - not more than two meters.Ordinary parcels must not be heavier than 10 kilograms.If the parcel weighs 10 to 20 kg, it can take, but it will take shape as a heavy weight.Reception and delivery of these take place in specially designated post offices.In some cases, parcels, which are longer than the norm (but within two meters), are accepted, if the perimeter of the largest cross-section is not more than one meter.
See a list of items and substances that are prohibited for shipment.It can be found on the Inter
net (for example, the site address Russia).In each country, the list may be extended - this information can be found in the post office just before departure.
Making sure that your package corresponds to the named parameters, choose a suitable container for it.It is desirable that the volume of it was as close to the volume of investments.Not to be mistaken with the choice, you can pack with the sending things to bring to the post and before you buy "try on" box.
Packaging parcel comfortable homes.Fragile items, wrap bubble wrap or several layers of fabric.Make sure the jars with tightly packed granular products, that none of the items are not dirty or pomnetsya neighbors.The smallest one is better to collect in a separate box and seal / wrap it.
If the box was too big, empty space to fill.The most convenient material for these purposes is the foam - it is sufficiently robust and at the same time light, and therefore its impact on the weight and cost of sending will be minimal.
stacked boxes with things not close - postal employees have the right to inspect its contents.Ask in the department of parcels and packages forms of customs declarations for shipments to Kazakhstan .Specify their data and the destination the sender and list everything you put in a box.It is not permissible common phrases - and the number of items you need to call specifically.
Write the address of the sender and recipient on the box (legibly, preferably printed).Since the Russian language is in Kazakhstan s official, all the data can be specified only in Russian.