How to record your day spent

recording the events of the day with you, it helps to relieve emotional stress and calm down.When you write, the brain reacts to it as a task to be solved.So you learn to control the thoughts and guide them properly.Moreover, it triggered psychological effect of "purification of consciousness" when we bring life experiences on paper.Psychologists are advised to tune in a certain way before you describe your day.

right mood

Highlight evening time to gather his thoughts and analyze what happened the day of the event.It is necessary to turn off the sound on your phone, TV and computer.Create a soothing background music, clean bright light and proceed to the presentation of his thoughts on paper.What you write - especially individual case.Some people like
to write in notebooks, while others prefer originally designed album.The most important thing - it is your feelings during the process.Renounce earthly vanity.Each person has their own system of perception of reality and ways of describing it.Did you briefly describe your day or, on the contrary, tried to convey in detail your thoughts.Some people like to draw pictures or written framework.It all depends on your inner attitude at the moment.Enjoy the process, focusing on the main points.

analysis of the events of the day

Once you have recorded lived your day is to make a small pause.At this point you will feel relieved and pleasantly tired as you are "vented" the accumulated positive and negative thoughts.Next, try to read the writing again, but this time to analyze the situation.You can assign points for each event in order of importance in your life.So you will be able to objectively evaluate the importance of each of the stages.You will be surprised to realize that not all events are experiences and disorders.The ability to stop and think - an important part of the increased levels of self-control and concentration.Such a kind of auditory training to help calm the nervous system and prepare for fruitful rest your body.Tune in to the fact that this process will be a daily evening ritual.Periodically open the recording and re-read, to clearly develop a strategy of interaction with the outside world.