you need
  • Special literature about the formation of society and the basic models of human relations.
There are many definitions of society.Under the company is considered to be the collection of all kinds of forms of interaction and bringing people together.This type of historically large social system in which there is a specific form of relations in the society.
social structure of society shows its division into small and large social groups.Every society is composed of a variety of large and small social groups, but the very structure of society can be only those considered to be fundamental.These are the social groups that are building a system of society and is determin
ed to change it.In general, these groups occupy different positions in the hierarchy of the society.They differ in terms of wealth, power, education and income.For example, classes as a social group is formed unconsciously, that is, regardless of the consciousness or the will of the people.If as a social group to consider a political party, it is worth bearing in mind that this is - the formation of a conscious and deliberate effort, it creates specific people.
Clamps social structure of society - political, cultural, spiritual, legal and many other ways.These areas are divided in terms of the theory, but in practice can be traced their close cooperation: for example, it is difficult to imagine politics without economics or law and so on.Therefore, as a public relations should be considered a symbiosis of spiritual and social or economic and social, political and cultural and many others.In addition, the Company also determine the relationships that underlie the family (if it is viewed as a social institution), individual classes and types of companies.Because of this interaction is difficult and the overall scientific understanding of the laws of development of society.
However, the scientific community has allocated a number of characteristic features of society.It is hierarchical, self-regulation, transparency, information, samodeterminirovannost and self-organization.In sociology, for example, approved the view of society as a clot of social relationships and interactions existing in the social space and time.The hallmarks of this bunch is self-contained, high level of self-control, and samovosproizvodimost great integrating force.
far the most important for the discussion is a sign of self-organization of society.The researchers point out that modern society is based on economic, ideological, socio-cultural and political scrapie, and quite rightly can be called transitive, that is, the transition from an industrial to an information society.