«If youth knew, if old age could" - the classic formula of the relationship between the generations.The situation of young people in any society is quite difficult for several reasons.On the one hand, the young man is in the evaluation system of the older generation, but does not allow the boyish young man fit in the adult world without some conflicts.On the other hand, lack of experience, and often a lack of material resources, puts young people in a very delicate position in the social system.

easy to be young

«easy to be young" - the so-called documentary Soviet period Latvian filmmaker Yury Podnieks, which was first raised the issue of the social situation of the young person in the community.The answer was clear - very difficult.The main reason for the difficultie
s of the period called the hypocrisy of society, the origins of which young people see in the older generation.

But the democratization of society smoothed this problem.In a world of fewer lies, less unreasonable restrictions, as a result, fewer reasons for the conflict of generations, at least at the level of society.That is a society for the young people recognized the right of maximalism and its vision of the world.

From this position today to be young is easy and pleasant.The classic conflict between fathers and children can be considered closed.

Material youth issues

Finishing school, a young man in most cases full of hope for a "bright future".But, even having received vocational training, it can not be sure that he will receive a good-paying jobs in their field.Moreover, employers often require specialist with experience who graduate high school or college can not get - a vicious circle, which is almost impossible to break.

young man must choose between work not on a specialty, and alternative ways of implementing the knowledge gained.But unlike their parents, the young man is more mobile in their actions, allowing him to take a decisive step and unusual, for example, start their own business.

the youth is yet another intractable issue - housing.To get an apartment from the state of young people may in the exceptional case, even an intern can expect to receive housing.It remains the choice between a mortgage, rented apartment and living with their parents.The first two options "eat" a decent share of the budget.The third option calls into question the independence and psychological comfort, especially if you have already established a young family.

So young to be difficult in any society and in any era.But there is one advantage of youth - youth, which compensates for any problems and envious older generation, to build a life and found its place in society.