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Make a list of family members who are counted in the average per capita income well.In this case, the composition of the family are not included adult children;children under 18, have full legal capacity under the laws of the Russian Federation;Children for which the parents have lost their parental rights;children in care, the content of which is paid by the state under the laws of the Russian Federation;children on full state support;a spouse or parent who is in the military or in prisons.
Summarize overall family income over the past three months prior to applying for benefits, subsidies or assistance.The calculation takes into account al
l amounts income and received a family member before deduction of compulsory insurance contributions and taxes in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.The amount of income and family are not included alimony paid for the maintenance of underage children by a parent, as well as accrued but not actually paid wages, compensation or content.If a family member gets income in foreign currency, the amount is recalculated into rubles according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of receipt of funds.Premiums and fees are taken into account according to the time of receipt.
Divide total income family members to the number of family members and the settlement period.The resulting value will be the average per capita income your family.If this income allows you to assign public assistance, please provide documents about family size and income and each family member bodies dealing with the appointment and payment of grants, subsidies or assistance.Write an application for appropriate public social assistance.Employee of a state institution will advise you on the timing decision on your case.