What is society

Broadly speaking society - is a kind of community, people living together, and the world a variety of social phenomena.It is a form of life, which is characterized by purposeful joint activities of people, to create a system of social and cultural phenomena, other than the natural world.
in the narrow sense of society is a self-sufficient social group of people that has the ability of various performances.

structure of society

social structure - the structure of the company, its structure, which is characterized by the interaction of its various parts.Main unit of society - the person (a group of people or a certain class).

social structure is characterized by a well organized society as a whole system, as well as the c
ourse of action of different social groups.

structure of society determine the groups of people in relation to the control and power.The biggest of them - state and civil society.State - social institution, which is intended for the organization and management of the company in the interests of different social groups and classes.This control is carried out by means of a special class of people - the state apparatus.Civil society - social and ethnic groups, natural folding classes, individuals who combined different kinds of social relations and non-political ties.Civil society - the basis of the process of democratization and the rule of law in principle.

Social Groups fully realize themselves mainly in the political sphere, which, in turn, concentrating social.Thus, the policy is a reflection of the relation of social forces through it also examines the social and human needs.It is believed that the policy - the main braces public relations, because it differs from other areas of activity of actors and relationships that occur in it.

For modern social sciences the most important issue is the understanding of the relationship of society and the state through a relationship of subordination.That is, whether a state of society, whether they are identical.