new quality of life

Satellite Town Forest Glade - a residential area of ​​the city of Kemerovo, Kemerovo region of western Siberia in the south near the Kuznetsk coal basin (Kuzbass).The city covers an area of ​​16.15 km2 and is designed for a population of 30 thousand. Man.Construction of the city began in 2007, the first inhabitants settled in the late 2008

The main thesis of the project for the construction of a forest glade - a new quality of life.The objective of the satellite city - bring people together in a single community, to create a new image of urban life in nature, which combine comfort with urban public clean air.Designing the city provided its buildings by 40% of the area, the rest of the
city - the recreational areas of untouched nature.

Construction of a satellite town is realized through a national project that combines Russian and international standards of urban development.The infrastructure of the city together comfortable housing, education, security, the development of sport and recreation.On the territory of the Forest Glade provides for the construction of such facilities as a center of knowledge, technology park, health center, sports center, kindergartens, schools, shopping centers and apartment buildings and individual houses.One of the features of construction - a wide variety of housing options, includingin terms of affordability.They use the most advanced technologies in the sphere of housing and communal services.It plans the development of a system of public parks, gardens, courtyards, ensuring transport accessibility.

With the aim of progressive education is planned to use innovative teaching methods in all the schools and preschools.Primary schools and preschools are located in forest areas.Knowledge Centre includes maintenance services of students and the organization of sports and recreational activities.In each area of ​​a satellite town has its own children's garden with swimming pool.

the purpose of formation of a healthy way of life in the city has all the necessary conditions for physical culture and sports.Multi-sports complex provides ample opportunities for recreation and sports (swimming pool, gym, fitness rooms, playgrounds).In addition, since 2008.after the appearance of the complex Sportgrad on its territory subject to an annual sports event "Ski Track of Russia" (sport complex includes an ice rink, children's slides, cross-country skiing).

Availability and uniform social environment

Satellite Town Forest Glade implemented within the framework of the Russian national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing".The peculiarity of the city - the creation of a uniform social environment rather than building a new expensive cottage settlement.In priority - construction of housing for families with different income levels and the establishment of modern social and business infrastructure.Considerable attention is paid to the construction of housing for young families and certain privileged categories of citizens.

One of the basic problems of the city - the creation of a dynamic economy with a view to sustainable socio-economic development of the satellite town.Available and comfortable conditions for life and work, corresponding to world standards, includingfor young families, it is one of the main conditions for innovation, creativity and successful business that provides a basis for the creation of industrial park here and develop new areas of the economy.