Festival in Russia and Ukraine

It is December 12, 1993 the multinational people of the Russian Federation of its authority has approved today the existing Constitution and made it the basis of modern legislation, a year later that day was approved as a festive highgovernmental level.

interesting that Ukraine this day is an official holiday of ground forces, which are a major symbol of the power of modern Ukrainian state.On this day junior and senior officers honored inhabitants of the country, by the day handing Times insignia of gratitude and assignment of new titles.The first number in the structure of modern Ukrainian armed forces Army rightfully deserve this wonderful date set by the president o

f Ukraine in 1997.

Day in the culture of Europe

Switzerland most important holiday dates are not lagging behind Russia and Ukraine, and is committed to honoring the date of December 12 of the Swiss national flag, famous all over the world today.Officially red flag with a large white cross in the center was approved back in 1889, and, unlike other flags, has a square shape.Today, old and nearly unchanged for many centuries the national emblem is the most revered of all the inhabitants of Switzerland, it is a day to be proud to hang flags on the facades of their houses and carry out education interventions.

Orthodox traditions December 12

According to the Russian Orthodox calendar, December 12 is considered the day of Alexander Sytnik, day or move the remains of Alexander Nevsky .That day Orthodox Christians were able to eat after strict fasting. poss zhno, that this event was timed so strange name.

With this the day before were connected with various traditional ceremonies aimed at collecting good future harvest.It was believed that the warm evening and the night sky covered with bright stars, portend a very rich and satisfying year.And the evening cool and dense fog the sky, on the contrary, symbolizes the hungry next summer, an unsuccessful field work.